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Our love story…

Here’s our story… Once upon a time, a part-time ski instructor, artist and talented photographer met the love of his life. She was a feisty redhead that spent her days in advertising, her evenings and weekends were spent doing community theatre. Their relationship was full of fun, romance and a love of each other and adventure. Ten months after their first date, they were married at sunset overlooking Big Bear Lake. They still hold hands, dance in the aisles of the grocery store and spend their weekly “date day” exploring nature. They share a love of their two sons and way too many furry kids! Self-professed geeks, they enjoy superhero movies, along with binge watching TV shows on Netflicks and Hulu.

Our experience

So Alan here… I’m a Southern California native, love grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough (who doesn’t, right?) and my family, including the furry kids. Finding an excuse to go for a hike or a drive in my Subaru is pretty easy. I wasn’t exactly born with a camera in my hand, but one appeared pretty soon afterwards. Starting as a high school yearbook & newspaper photographer, I’ve been blessed by being able to make a living by capturing amazing moments in people’s lives. Some of them have won awards, some just make people smile. I’m not just taking pictures, I’m telling your love story. You can also see my work at Love Story Photography

Hey, it’s Heidi… I also was born here in Southern California, although I lived all over the country growing up, and worked in Australia for a while. Fun fact – I’ve never met an animal I didn’t instantly love! I’ve been in theatre since I was 14 and have done voiceovers for radio and TV, in addition to being a professional writer. My wedding ceremonies range from romantic, spiritual, interfaith ceremonies, non-religious, to ones with a “shoutout to God” in them, vow renewals, and more. You can see more about me at  I refuse to do a long and boring ceremony, I want to create a ceremony you both love!

Your dream team

A little about what we do as your “dream team” for your elopement or intimate wedding. In short – Alan’s the pictures and Heidi’s the words. Weve been part of hundreds of weddings and elopements and we absolutely love what we do! We treasure all of our couples and will create an environment where everyone safe and accepted for who you are.  Yes, we’re very LGBTQIA+ friendly! We’re going to make this easy and fun for everyone. 

For our couples, our vibe is kind of the cool “Aunt and Uncle”, always there to answer any questions, offer suggestions, or just listen! We know lots of amazing (and sometimes secret) locations, from the California coastline to the Big Bear & Lake Arrowhead mountains, Joshua Tree National Park, Yosemite, Palm Springs and many other destination elopement spots. In fact, we’re one of the few authorized & permitted photographers for Joshua Tree. We can advise you on where to stay, favorite comfort food, DIY ideas, flowers, what to wear, info on permits and getting your marriage license too. Your ceremony is going to be unique, personal and created just for the two of you with gorgeous images to match! We work seamlessly together since Alan knows Heidi’s ceremony, and she know his photography style. 

Your big day!

We can start with a few getting ready shots – your possibly nervous laughter – then a “first look”, that moment when you see each other dressed for your wedding! Some romantic photos of your surprised looks and happy smiles. Then time for your ceremony with you holding hands and looking at one another. Feeling like it is just us, surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty. With beautiful words, soft voices, romance, love, and maybe a few happy tears, exchanging your rings, now you are married, with more kisses and more laughter!

Now it’s time for an awesome photo session with you holding each other and realizing, “Yes, we’re really married!” Just walking and feeling all that excitement and happiness mixed with love, surrounded by absolute natural beauty. Meanwhile Alan is capturing every moment and memory for you to share for the rest of your lives. 

After 20+ years of laughing together, holding hands and still madly in love, we believe that marriage is a lifelong passionate adventure with your best friend! Get in touch with us, we would love to meet you and tell your love story! Send us a message to get started!

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